Choreographer and dance teacher

Matías Martínez, professor and choreographer of international scope. He was born in Buenos Aires, where he attended the Conservatory of Classical and Contemporary Dance.

He delved into the study of Butoh in China and attended the Marta Graham School in the United States. After finishing the Alvin Ailey School in New York, he specialized in the Horton technique, becoming its pioneer in Spain.

Dedicated to the performing arts for more than 25 years, he directs his extensive experience as a “body educator” to the preparation of professionals and dance amateurs.

After years of experimentation, he developed his own fruitful methodology, giving rise to a new method called AULIAK, based on the movements of the different disciplines learned, translating them into a deep meditation through the language of dance.

He currently lives in Barcelona where he is dedicated to training and is committed to his artistic and choreographic technical research.

In the field of performance, she collaborates with the Theatre Institute promoting shows that combine dance techniques and audiovisual media. Here he fuses concepts such as silence, organic movement, subtlety and precision, becoming the co-founder of Namaim, an Artistic Association of Image and Movement.